App for HIPAA Compliant Messaging

A HIPAA compliant messaging app is a vital part of a secure messaging solution that can allow healthcare bodies and other covered entities adhere with the specific technical requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule.

Having a similar interface and giving the same functionality as a commercially available messaging app, a HIPAA compliant messaging app has extra safeguards in place to protect the integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI) and stop unauthorized disclosure.

Messaging apps for HIPAA compliant texting can be installed onto any desktop computer or mobile device, making them the perfect replacement for unsafe channels of communication such as pagers, SMS and email – particularly in a healthcare environment that encourages a BYOD policy.

Messaging Apps for HIPAA Compliant Texting

From a user point of view, there seems to few differences between messaging apps for HIPAA compliant texting and commercially available messaging apps. Once logged in, users can share text messages, attach images and documents, or take part in multiparty conversations.

The differences that users will see are that messages are automatically erased after a predetermined period of time, and an automatic logoff function is in place so that the user will have to log back into the app when they next want to use it. These functions are in place to climinate the unauthorized disclosure of PHI when a desktop computer or mobile device is left unattended.

From an administrator perspective, activity on a HIPAA compliant messaging app is reviewed to ensure compliance with HIPAA and organizational usage policies. Audit reports help with the preparation of risk assessments, while administrators can retract any message sent to a HIPAA compliant messaging app, or PIN-lock the app if the device onto which it has been downloaded is lost or stolen.

The Advantages of Secure Messaging Apps

Thanks to the security features integrated into messaging apps for HIPAA compliant texting there are a number of benefits linked to implementing a secure messaging solution that takes advantage of a HIPAA compliant messaging app:

  • The reviewing of user activity guarantees message accountability. Together with automatically generated delivery notifications and read alerts, this helps to cut phone tag.
  • Medical professionals be sent PHI “on the go” with a HIPAA compliant messaging app – a particular time-saving benefit to on-call physicians and community nurses.
  • When linked up with an EMR, the job of updating patient notes can be shared between medical professionals, while physicians can better prioritize their EMR alerts and workflows.
  • Messaging apps for HIPAA compliant texting need no capital expenditure and are cost-effective when measured against to other – often unsecure – methods of communication.

Discover More about Secure Texting

To discover more about secure texting, messaging apps for HIPAA compliant texting and the advantages obtainable via a HIPAA compliant messaging app, you are asked to install and read our “HIPAA Compliance Guide”.

Along with providing valuable information about the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, the HIPAA Compliance Guide indicates solutions for healthcare groups and other covered entities to protect the integrity of PHI and stop unauthorized disclosure.

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