Business Email Spam Filter

Most email solutions come with a default spam email filter of some description. So why would a company require a secondary email spam filter to block unwanted emails and potential risks? The main reasons are the volume of spam email that still evades detection, the time spent dealing with spam email, and the risk that an infected spam email is opened by mistake.

Individually, the amount of spam email that evades detection by a default spam email filter may not amount to a lot – maybe four of five per staff member per day. However, each spam email takes four or five seconds to spot and remove. If you multiply the four or five seconds by a thousand email users, the time taken to address spam email can equate to hundreds of days of lost productivity each year.

Additionally, each spam email that evades detection can potentially be a phishing email, or harbor malware or ransomware. A security-conscious staff member may be able to spot each potentially unsafe email as it arrives but, within a network of a thousand email users, the danger is that an infected email is opened in error increases a thousand-fold. For these reasons it is important to cut the amount of spam email to the minimum possible.

The greylisting process is an effective tool where every incoming email is rejected and returned to the mail server from which it originated with a request for it to be sent again. In most cases, the email is returned within seconds. Hackers’ mail servers however tend not to respond to the request due to being too busy, and the email is never sent again. By eliminating spam emails from new sources of spam as well as recognized sources of spam, SpamTitan reduces the volume of spam email a business receives to the lowest possible level.

Email spam filters can also be created to scan outbound emails and place spam in an email sandbox. This can have multiple benefits for a company if a virus has been unknowingly introduced to a network or database, or if a hacker is attempting to compromise a company email address to use as the origin of a spam email campaign. The early identification of a virus or impacted email account can stop the company’s IP address – and possibly its website – being blacklisted by different email filtering solutions.