ComplianceJunction HIPAA Training Course Accredited by AHIMA

The healthcare training company ComplianceJunction has announced that its HIPAA Training for Organizations training course has been accredited by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

AHIMA is a worldwide professional association that promotes clinical and business uses of electronic and physical health information and is the leading voice and authority in health information management. AHIMA has more than 61,000 health information professionals as members and over 88,000 credentials in the field of health information management. AHIMA’s mission is to empower people to impact health and create a world where trusted information transforms health and healthcare by connecting people, systems, and ideas.

AHIMA’s members strive to ensure that health information is accurate, complete, and always available, protected, and handled securely. In the United States, that means complying with all appropriate provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

ComplianceJunction is a healthcare training company that has developed courses to help healthcare organizations and their employees meet their regulatory obligations under HIPAA. The company is committed to providing high-quality training courses to ensure that healthcare organizations and their employees are properly equipped to handle protected health information (PHI) and comply with the HIPAA Rules. More than 1,000 healthcare organizations and universities in the United States have used ComplianceJunction’s training courses to improve their understanding of the HIPAA Rules.

ComplianceJunction received customer feedback requesting AHIMA accreditation for the training course to allow employees to earn the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that they need to maintain their certifications.

“It was important to our staff to receive CEUs for this training, and when we proposed the idea to ComplianceJunction, they were on it!,” said Kara Lacey, LMFT, Co-Founder & Therapist at River Wards Wellness Collective. “We are grateful for the collaboration in tailoring the training and the opportunity to continue to work with ComplianceJunction as our training provider.”

AHIMA accreditation of ComplianceJunction’s HIPAA Training for Organizations course means that on successful completion of the course, healthcare professionals can receive up to 2.0 CEUs.

“We are proud to receive recognition from the leading authority in health information management,” said ComplianceJunction’s Ryan Coyne. “AHIMA accreditation of our HIPAA Training for Organization course confirms our commitment to providing high-quality training to help healthcare organizations achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. Now that participants can achieve CEUs for completing the course, healthcare organizations will be able to incentivize their employees to complete their annual HIPAA training.”

In addition to being accredited by AHIMA, the training course was also recently accredited by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE), a nonprofit association dedicated to enabling the lasting success and integrity of organizations through the promotion of high standards in compliance and ethics programs.

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