GDPR Compliance Software

Organisations attempting to achieve compliance with GDPR will notice that many software vendors are offering a slew of new products and services that claim to make the process more straight-forward and efficient. GDPR compliance software may promise to assist organisations with specific elements of GDPR compliance, such as by conducting risk assessments or offer general solutions to compliance issues.

Organisations should be wary when considering which software to use; taking shortcuts in GDPR compliance may lead to mistakes, resulting in significant regulatory bodies levying significant penalties against organisations. Even if it is the software that is found to be at fault, not the business’s practices, the business must take responsibility.

When looking for software solutions, organisations must have a clear idea of what particular issues they need to address. It would be wise to start with GDPR compliance software that offers guidance through the risk assessment, provided the risk assessments cover every element GDPR. This software will help the organisation to identify gaps in their compliance efforts. From here, the organisation can identify the measures that need to be taken to fix the issues.

Employing this type of software may present itself as a cheaper short-term option than implementing a total GDPR compliance solution. However, depending on the organisation’s capabilities, they may need to find another vendor to assist with fixing the compliance gaps and implanting new policies. Furthermore, they may need software assistance with employee compliance training, or incident management. Eventually, the individual shortcuts cost more than the comprehensive solutions. So, while some organisations may only need assistance at the beginning of their compliance efforts, others should consider using a comprehensive solution from the start.

Finding a suitable vendor of GDPR compliance software is challenging. It is crucial for organisations to have a clear picture of what compliance issues need to be addressed before they start searching for vendors of the appropriate software.

Some tips when searching for legitimate and effective GDPR compliance software include:

  • Avoid GDPR training courses that promise compliance certification within an

    unreasonably short amount of time.

  • Select vendors that offer compliance solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Ensure somebody is available to answer any questions and provide advice.
  • Check the vendor offers an ongoing and regularly updated solution.
  • Request verifiable testimonials from the vendor.

    Although it is time-consuming and labour-intensive to find a suitable vendor, it is worthwhile to find software solution that fulfils the organisation’s particular needs.