Web Content Filtering

A web content filtering solution will prevent your staff from accessing web pages that could harbor computer viruses or maybe malware, allow cyberslacking to occur and stop the viewing of inappropriate information that may result in HR issues.

As they stop the viewing of selected websites, web content filtering software can reinforce an organizationĀ“s cybersecurity defenses, enhance efficiency and stop HR problems at the point of origin.

The majority of individuals are not aware of huge security risks present on the Internet. Cybercriminals generally try to exploit this lack of understanding by launching phishing promotions – emails with backlinks to infected websites that now infect the organization network. A website content filter solution prevents the page from being loaded.

With the inclusion of defenses against web borne threats, a site content filtering remedy can also be set up to manage access to sites an employer would not want their personnel visiting during working hours. These sites include internet shopping sites, online gambling websites, social media websites or maybe sites with material such as pornography. A web content filtering solution can also cut out complaints from workers offended by the inappropriate viewing habits of their colleagues.

How Web Content Filtering Solutions Work

Web content filtering answers use three distinct techniques to filter website content that you would prefer your staff not have access to- blacklists, keyword filters and category filters.:

Blacklists include a listing of sites known for hosting infections including malware, ransomware, and adware. Other blacklists include websites with pornography, P2P file sharing websites and known proxy addresses. The opposite is done by whitelists which permit access to secure sites that could otherwise be obstructed by an over zealous site content filtering solution.

Category filters enable groups to block access to certain groups of sites by category. Categories may consist of online shopping sites, online gambling websites or maybe social networking websites and, also, most web content filtering solutions have the possibility of making customized categories. Category filtering enables you to block use of video streaming internet sites including Youtube and Netflix – a crucial feature when your business is suffering from bandwidth issues.

Keyword filters allow administrators to block entry to certain web pages – or allow access to certain web pages – by keyword. These web content filters allow a greater level of granularity and permissions can be set by user, user group or perhaps department.

Choosing a Web Filtering Content Solution

Undoubtedly, investing in a content filter for the Internet is a smart move. Nevertheless, all web content filters work differently. Choosing that web access filter answer is the most suitable for your organization may rely on the tasks you need it to complete. Various other considerations include the cost of implementation and the range of data that you need to protect.